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Rancho Buena Suerte
empaque r buenasuerte

Packing and Refrigeration

Our company has warehouses and rooms with cooling and maintenance to ensure proper handling and packaging of each product to temperatures harvested and packed in our facilities. Concerned about the environment and always use new biodegradable packaging to preserve a balance of optimal human health and ecosystem environment


transportes cabo


Our company knows the importance for customers and for the market in general as to properly handle the marketing and commitment to keep the freshness of our products to reach in time and with excellent quality, we implemented and we channel our resources from the inversion of transport fleets, now we come to the border with USA, and soon may be bilateral, ie cross directly to the destination.


Protected Agriculture

Our company is not satisfied only with certified organic crops as the global trend of consumption, starting this coming season 2009-2010, which will invest in protected agriculture is concerned, is that these activities are due to seeding protected the first high-tech world and we also believe in reducing pests and bacteria in natural ecosystems is not just to organic products, we intend to isolate and greenhouse pests with mesh shades. 


Fertilizers, Fumigants and Organic Compost

According to the rules governing organic production and certification of our monitoring, we consciously use only certified products under the regulatory OMRI for fertilization and spraying of our organic products, and also leverage the composting which is developed and permeated in the premises being reviewed by technical specialists in organic matter

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